Monday, November 08, 2010

OLD LOW ART FOR SALE/ andy k. benefit

a little over 2 weeks ago a tragic accident occurred in Seattle, and longtime Sub Pop employee Andy Kotowicz lost his life; you can read more about it here:

i did not know andy well, but the interactions i did have with him showed him to be a real solid, good guy. i liked him. i know quite a few other people that were closer to him who are just absolutely destroyed by his loss: "universally loved" seems to kind of an inadequate description, here. any way you cut it, it's just a tragic, sad deal.
so there's been a fund set up for his family and, well....i've got a piece art that i'm selling toward that purpose.
up on ebay now is the original art for a Low flyer i did....uh, a long time ago; we copied it off and used it for a long us tour (i don't even remember when...Secret Name maybe or Songs For A Dead Pilot...). it looks like this:

ebay listing is here:

reserve is $70, but bid high, it's for a good cause.
here's the link to that fund, too, should you feel moved to contribute--

more soon.


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