Thursday, February 04, 2010


there's a great radio show out of Vancouver called "Inkstuds" which is just interviews with cartoonists (and they are all archived, which is fantastic): this week they put up the interview with yours truly, so if you want to listen to me have a real difficult time forming sentences (and hear the "secret track" from the Sub Pop 7" which is essentially me screaming and swearing for 3 minutes straight...god bless Canada for allowing such horrible filth to sully their airwaves...), you can listen to it here: (and find my name...easy.)

also, there's this nice interview & review from a site called Bookmunch:’ve-got-to-figure-out-a-way-to-not-throw-that-chair-across-the-room-an-interview-with-zak-sally-author-of-like-a-dog/

also: in both these things, i formally announce the next La Mano project: "The Deitch Files", a portfolio of seminal underground cartoonist Kim Deitch's rarely seen "Story Pages"; it will appear in both a "regular" edition, and a signed and numbered "deluxe" edition.
it is, in all honesty, going to be completely amazing, and i'm honored to be the guy putting this thing out into the world.
i'll be posting more details soon, but my hope/ plan is to premiere this thing at MOCCA.

ok that's it be well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see just how permeant virtual memory has become in our every day lives. It's like everywhere I turn, I see something with a card slot or USB port, haha. I guess it makes sense though, considering how inexpensive memory has become lately...

Gahhhhh... who am I to complain. I can't get through a day without my R4 / R4i!

(Submitted using KwZa for R4i Nintendo DS.)

2:15 PM  
Blogger zak said...

what the ding dong fuck are you talking about?

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I dream the collection should have more info then it has.

8:45 AM  

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