Monday, March 16, 2009


you want nerd points? i'll GIVE you nerd points: in 1985 (or something...'86?) i spraypainted "EGO IPSE CUSTODIES CUSTUDIO" on the FRONT DOORS OF MY HIGH SCHOOL.
yeah. WOW.
i thought that was PRETTY GODDAMNED DEEP.(and no, i don't know latin, i read it on some watchmen button set or something and besides i was so terrified i'd get caught, that i think i spelled it wrong.)
so, yes i am a nerd, and also yes, i am a moron.

so i went and saw this movie.
the funny thing is, is... i'm strangely not really bothered one way or the other. some parts were pretty entertaining, some were downright terrible and some of it was boring and some was... i don't know. do i love the original?
last time i checked, yeah, i did.
now, if you want to see me get really REALLY mad about a shitty hollywood movie taking such an enormous dump on the world that it stinks up the original, you need look no further than 2 posts down where i go hog wild for no good reason all over "Horton Hears A Who". i can't tell you why, but this movie didn't leave me with that (not there there weren't certain points where i felt as if alan moore was rolling in his grav...wait. he's still alive. forget that.). some parts were just plain dumb, but...for whatever reason, maybe it's just the fact that it seemed these guys actually DID love the original (to a fault) that just left me feeling like "ok. saw that. what's for dinner?". maybe my "art comics guy" card will suddenly be revoked, but some parts were-- like i said-- kind of entertaining.
i'm honestly surprised that i'm not fuming mad about this abomination etc etc etc. i don't even think i could tell you why i'm not. am i saying i LIKED it? no, i wouldn't go that''s a movie that, if it walked past me on the street, i'd say "hi how are you", but i... i wouldn't let this movie date my sister, you know?
the thing is, if there's a truth here, it's this: comics can do some things that movies just plain can't, and this movie is proof.
ok that's all.


Blogger Toby Jones said...

The dating-sister analogy is probably the most effective review of the film I've come across.

Also, your rejected Nickelodeon strips are the greatest things ever.

3:37 PM  
Blogger grace said...

if all films you see from here on out are rated on a scale that involves HORTON HEARS A WHO, then you have serious problems zak.

also, have you decided on MOCCA?

9:33 AM  
Blogger Isaac said...

I'm stealing this joke from someone else, but:

Just because Alan Moore is alive, that doesn't mean he isn't in a grave.

5:29 AM  

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