Monday, March 02, 2009


no, i really don't know what it is with all the old-schoolish punk rock on this blog of late; all i can say is, john p(orcelllino, my good pal and man behind King- Cat Comics and Stories which is the greatest 'zine of all time ah who am i kidding nobody reading this blog doesn't know who john p is...). john sent me this photocopy of a drawing someone had commissioned from him (let me pause for emphasis here; JOHN P IS TAKING COMMISSIONS, come ON people...), saying ..."doing this drawing made me happy..."

i can see why, because it makes ME happy too...(and he said it was ok for me to post it, so you are welcome...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You fail at art. Why is this posted online? This isn't presentable, it looks like a child's drawing.

4:10 PM  

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