Tuesday, March 31, 2009


like many people in the country (...and just about everywhere else), i'm scraping the barrel. this is NOT my "long-talked about-but-never-instituted 'I WILL DRAW YOUR INSIDES' Initiative", nor is it my "Sammy the Mouse OUT-TAKES Project": it's just me selling some art for money.
i got 3 pieces on the chopping block (with probably a couple more to come in the next couple of days...).
the first 2 are illustrations i did for the 4th issue of the always-awesome YETI magazine: one of John Denver:

and the next of, that's right-- Lynyrd Skynyrd:

each one of these are india ink on bristol, 8 x 11.5 inch image area.
$100 each.

and the final one at the very top of this entry is an illustration i did accompanying an article i wrote about the rock band TOOL, that appeared here in minneapolis in the weekly City Pages, and then, inexplicably, in the Village Voice. anyway, this one is a little bigger, but again it's india ink, white ink, and graphite on vellum. it measures 10x 12 inches,
and this one is $160.

email me if you got questions, tell all your rich art-collector pals.
ok bye.

Monday, March 16, 2009


you want nerd points? i'll GIVE you nerd points: in 1985 (or something...'86?) i spraypainted "EGO IPSE CUSTODIES CUSTUDIO" on the FRONT DOORS OF MY HIGH SCHOOL.
yeah. WOW.
i thought that was PRETTY GODDAMNED DEEP.(and no, i don't know latin, i read it on some watchmen button set or something and besides i was so terrified i'd get caught, that i think i spelled it wrong.)
so, yes i am a nerd, and also yes, i am a moron.

so i went and saw this movie.
the funny thing is, is... i'm strangely not really bothered one way or the other. some parts were pretty entertaining, some were downright terrible and some of it was boring and some was... i don't know. do i love the original?
last time i checked, yeah, i did.
now, if you want to see me get really REALLY mad about a shitty hollywood movie taking such an enormous dump on the world that it stinks up the original, you need look no further than 2 posts down where i go hog wild for no good reason all over "Horton Hears A Who". i can't tell you why, but this movie didn't leave me with that (not there there weren't certain points where i felt as if alan moore was rolling in his grav...wait. he's still alive. forget that.). some parts were just plain dumb, but...for whatever reason, maybe it's just the fact that it seemed these guys actually DID love the original (to a fault) that just left me feeling like "ok. saw that. what's for dinner?". maybe my "art comics guy" card will suddenly be revoked, but some parts were-- like i said-- kind of entertaining.
i'm honestly surprised that i'm not fuming mad about this abomination etc etc etc. i don't even think i could tell you why i'm not. am i saying i LIKED it? no, i wouldn't go that far...it's...it's a movie that, if it walked past me on the street, i'd say "hi how are you", but i... i wouldn't let this movie date my sister, you know?
the thing is, if there's a truth here, it's this: comics can do some things that movies just plain can't, and this movie is proof.
ok that's all.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


yes, comic nerds, i KNOW that's opening day for the Watchmen movie.
instead of waiting in line for a movie that-- let's face it-- will probably suck (in one way or another), just come to THIS:

OPENING FROM 6-8 pm, concourse gallery of Minneapolis School Of Art and Design:

mome noun (1553) 1. archaic: fool; blockhead. 2. a quarterly anthology showcasing the best new talent of this decade's rising cartoon generation.

MOMENTUM: The New Comics presents a retrospective of comic artworks published in the Harvey and Eisner award-nominated quarterly Mome (Fantagraphics Books), one of the industry's leading contemporary anthologies. Anchored by an ever-evolving core roster of contributors, the lauded series showcases comic art's best emerging talent alongside some of North America and Europe's most respected creators. MOMENTUM artists include rising stars such as Sophie Crumb, Tim Hensley, R. Kikuo Johnson, Tom Kaczynski, Zak Sally, and Dash Shaw. Check out a gallery of sample work from MOMENTUM.
The Made at MCAD/MOMENTUM opening reception on March 6 will feature live music by hip-hop duo Elliot Looney and DJ Danny Sigelman, snacks and refreshments, and much more. No tickets required--fans of all ages are welcome to join in the fun, connect with other comic heads, and check out exciting new work.

Also on March 6 is an afternoon lecture with Mome editor Eric Reynolds. 1pm, auditorium 150.

Just added! Join us for a gallery talk with comic artists Tom Kaczynski and Zak Sally on Thursday, April 9, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the second-floor Concourse Gallery.

To get caught up with Mome, read interviews with Mome artists, view galleries of their work and more, head to the anthology's page at Fantagraphics Books.

that's the press release there.
it doesn't mention folks like Andrice Arp, David B (whose pages are IMPOSSIBLY gorgeous...), Jim Woodring (same), Liili Carre, Gabrielle Bell, Olivier Schrauwen, and...seriously; it's a great show and i'd say that even if i WEREN'T in it.

and Eric Reynolds, besides being #3 man at Fantagraphics books, is a also a great guy (and a good pal), and i'm really looking forward to his talk

probably over to Big Brain after, and then Grumpy's.

Monday, March 02, 2009


no, i really don't know what it is with all the old-schoolish punk rock on this blog of late; all i can say is, john p(orcelllino, my good pal and man behind King- Cat Comics and Stories which is the greatest 'zine of all time ah who am i kidding nobody reading this blog doesn't know who john p is...). john sent me this photocopy of a drawing someone had commissioned from him (let me pause for emphasis here; JOHN P IS TAKING COMMISSIONS, come ON people...), saying ..."doing this drawing made me happy..."

i can see why, because it makes ME happy too...(and he said it was ok for me to post it, so you are welcome...)