Friday, May 25, 2007

LAVENDER DIAMOND, Cedar Cultural Center

hey looky here; Ron Rege Jr. has been around the small press scene for as long as i can remember (which, frankly, is getting to be a pretty long time at this point...), and is the cartoonist behind countless 'zines (including his long-running Yeast Hoist deal, which is now being put out by the good folks at Buenaventura Press, which i would surely link to if'n i knew how...), and a pretty stellar book, Skibber-Bee-Bye (...first put out by Highwater, re-released by Drawn & Quarterly a couple years back...go buy it.).
last time i saw him was on the La Mano West Coast Tour, and crimeny what a sweet guy he is; he gave me a CD/ep by his band Lavender Diamond, and i played the hell out of it in my rental car; now they're all signed to a big label and are touring behind a new record (which i havn't heard yet, because...uh...i'm broke) and playing here in minneapolis on sunday, at the Cedar Cultural Center.
so, if you live here, go see them; if you don't live here, go see them when they come to your town; if all that fails, go buy the record and do a puppet show at your house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Ed said...


I can't believe that I was in NJ for that few weeks...

Rege is one of my favorite cartoonists ever.

whatever, it's not like I'm meeting John P. next week or whatever.


yes, I am.

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