Friday, May 18, 2007


as always, late and overdue, but need to mention one of my favorite yearly things: minneapolis' own HELIOTROPE festival.
never mind that i'm a participant, each year i end up hanging around at this thing for about 1/2 of the 3 days it's going on, and am always happily inspired by the diversity of wingnuts that participate in this, and all from my hometown, right here: screwy folk, noise, psychedelical-type rock, a "novelty gamelan" orchesetra, and a lot of points in between.
and, you know, let's be frank: sometimes with these multi-day festivals, it can get pretty over (or -under, for that matter)..uh, whelming, but with heliotrope's short sets and some great programming choices, i'm always pretty whelmed, and leave the thing happy and, frankly, inspired by all this great shit.
like i said, late, as last night was the first of 3 (now in its new location at the swanky Ritz Theater here in NE minneapolis, moved from the previous 3 years down at Franklin Art Works), and saw some great stuff already; some guy palying the hell out of some tablas, some kids who sounded like they'd been drinking some 1968 west coast wellwater (Dad In Common), a great set by Jesse Peterson, and the always astounding Paul Metzger doing a solo "Fucked-Up Guitar" set.
you should've been there.
tonight is more "rock"; me, i'm playing twice-- once with the White Map (closing the night out after Skoal Kodiak), and a 7:30 set premiering (?) this new thing, TOGPTFFSOTWOTERAMTSYOAITANTT.
better late than never:
May 17, 18, 19 at The Ritz Theater - 345 13th Ave NE Minneapolis

Ticket Prices: $8 per night, $15 for two nights, $20 for three nights

7:00 Milo Fine with Davu Seru, Charles Gillett and Viv Corringham
8:00 Jaron Childs and Bryce Beverlin II
8:30 Kaharwa
9:00 Jesse Petersen
9:30 Paul Metzger
10:00 The Dad in Common
11:00 International Novelty Gamelan

6:30 New Port
7:00 Sarah Johnson
8:00 Synchrocyclotron
8:30 Mute Era
9:00 Thunderbolt Pagoda
10:00 Michael Yonkers and the Blind Shake
11:00 Skoal Kodiak
11:45 White Map

6:30 Sean Connaughty and Jason Kesselring
7:00 Dreamland Faces
7:30 Thank You
8:00 The Pins
9:00 Dallas Orbiter
10:00 Build My Gallows High
11:00 David Krecji

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