Sunday, November 27, 2011

THE END, repeat.

lots of stuff has happened with La Mano; the Sammy The Mouse book is done and being sent out to its Kickstarter contributors (it will hit comic stores in March), we just did a beautiful silkscreen print with John P (his first).

AND--both of these things and a bunch more will be with me this coming weekend, at one of my favorite small press/ comics things of the year, the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. i'll be sharing a table with Tom K/ Uncivilized books, and all kinds of good people will be there.

why is none of this "big news" up on the site?
because let's be honest: any and all activity on this site has long gone dormant.
the La Mano interweb thingy needs a revamp and relaunch; i'm going to look at and change a lot of things, primarily just streamlining the whole deal, but also addressing the when/ how/ why i do updates/ blog posts. and other stuff.

the old site did its job, and my pals Mr. Mike and Karl R kicked ass on getting the thing going and helping me keep it going (respectively), but...time to rethink, i think. won't be real flashy, but it'll be different.
hopefully i'll get this going soon. you can still order stuff from me.
until then, my best--