Saturday, December 18, 2010

SEATTLE, home, etc.

so, after brooklyn there was seattle; i missed the huge blizzard leaving my poor wife to shovel the 6 1/2 feet of snow while i....partied. ok, i don't really party, but i got close i suppose.
the Fantagraphics bookstore 4th Anniversary was pretty fun; a lot of people, great art show (i'm thinking that might have been my final "live performance"...ever. ok not ever, but i got some stuff to figure out...). followed by a crazy-ass party at the Woodring residence (you all know he built a 6-foot dip pen, right? well he did, and i saw Chris Cilla waving it around). i gotta say some thanks here to Larry Reid for picking my tired ass up, and putting the whole thing together; everyone who came down and said Hi; Jason T. Miles for carting me around and general Jason T. Milesishness, Kim and Gary and Mike and Janice and Jacob and Jacq and the whole Fanta crew; cartooning couple Max Clotfelter and Kelly Froh for some pretty incredible hospitality and warmth (and an air mattress). Chris Cilla and Mindy for coming up from PDX. Eric Rhea and Clementine for nice hanging around, and American Treasure Pete Bagge for the lift to the airport. and everyone i forgot.
home now.
it's nice. have no idea how i ever travelled so much, i LOSE EVERYTHING.

ALSO: sorry for the delay on...nearly everything, but i'm knocking them down--got really backed up on filling orders, but they're packed up and going out; my apologies to everyone i kept waiting.
the KIM DEITCH FILES is (obviously) finished, site update with paypal buttons going up hopefully sometime monday. for all of you who wrote reserving a DELUXE edition; your order HAS BEEN noted and those folio #'s will go out in the order in which i received them (pending payment, of course).

best, z.


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