Thursday, December 02, 2010

DEITCH: incredibly close (also preorders).

see, told you there was a "plan b" for the Deluxe edition.


there's isaac helping. he's good that way (and about every other way, too.)

as of this writing, ONE item left to print (on the offset; the "list of works" insert).

if nothing goes horribly awry, i'll nail those after work/ kids go to bed, then finish assembly and get on the plane tomorrow to BKYLN. it's real down to the wire shit, but...very, VERY close.

close enough that i'm ready to start taking requests for the DELUXE version; i've already received 2 hold requests and considering that this is a limited edition, it only seems fair that i open it up.
so, #'s 001 and 002 are spoken for; i WILL get these up for sale with paypal buttons very soon...but in the meantime,
if you'd like to reserve a copy of the DELUXE EDITION email me at
your name will go on a list in the order it is received; if you bail, that # will go to the next person in line (orders that come in this weekend will be processed when i get back from the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics festival.)



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