Thursday, July 30, 2009


so, just over a week ago, that thing happened at Eclipse records. if you weren't there, you missed out, and you are probably kind of upset about it. man, i don't blame you. fact is, from the store (thanks, Joe x 2 an everyone else), to everyone in the bands (who were, each and every one of them, GREAT) to most everyone i saw in attendance, this event was just what i hoped it'd be: a fun-as-hell 5 hours surrounded by pals (nevermind that it was CHEAP). and La Mano raised some much needed cash, for which i am really, REALLY appreciative. my sincere thanks to everyone who hosted, performed, sold zines, or just showed up.

really. as i wrote in my original email when i was hitting up folks to play; there's a part of me that feels strange about having a "benefit" for my business; i mean, you have your own CHAIR SHOP or whatever and you need $, you don't have a benefit, right?
and then i realize; you know, if you're a friend of mine and you're making beautiful chairs and you need a little hand and it sounds like a great event, well-- maybe you should consider having a benefit show, because I'D probably play it.

still and all: thank you.

but let's be honest-- all anyone who was there remembers is this:

and this:

(and before you go calling social services, my boy's got earplugs in)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


big things are happening; expect a big site update and new la mano product (!!) tomorrow, but in the meantime, COME TO THIS:
("official""press" release follows)

all right; this is "Steve", the official La Mano "publicist".
here is the deal: Zak Sally (musician [Low, Dirty Three, Kid Dakota, etc], cartoonist [Recidivist, Sammy the Mouse, the forthcoming "Like A Dog" hardcover collection due this fall from Fantagraphics], and publisher [La Mano 21]) somehow ended up making a record; wrote, sang and played every damn thing on it, recorded it with his old pal Ben Durrant (Andrew Bird, Dosh, Shearwater) at Crazy Beast Studios.

it's called "Fear Of Song" (as in: "Zak Sally's Fear Of Song", get it?). 9 songs 37 minutes, and will be released on CD in a signed and limited edition, with all the packaging and such done BY HAND on the La Mano press. very pretty.
his old pals at the venerable Sub Pop records also did a 7" from that record, featuring the single "Why We Hide", and an exclusive track "When I Said I Missed You I Just Meant My Aim Was Off (The Quiet Life)". see, look here:

there is also probably going to be a video for that first thing by Phil Harder (Foo Fighters, and, uh...Prince).
release date for the single is JULY 21, release for the CD is JULY 22.

to this end we are setting up a HUGE, AMAZING RECORD RELEASE SHOW/ LA MANO BENEFIT, etc etc see above i'm not typing it all again.
it'll be hosted by the good folks at Eclipse records (and therefore is ALL AGES and CHEAP) right on University ave in St. Paul.
starting at 5:30-ish, you will se performances by these local luminaries:
JIM AND THE FRENCH VANILLA (Jim from the blind shake's solo venture)
PAUL METZGER (solo treated guitar unbelievableness)
SKOAL KODIAK (sorry everyone else, but the best damn band to come out of minneapolis in a decade solid)
T.O.G.P.T.F.F.S.O.T.W.O.T.E.R.A.T.S.Y.O.A (Three Old Guys Play The First Five Songs Off The Wipers' Over The Edge Record And The Song Youth Of America, featuring Zak Sally, Dale Flattum [Milk Cult, Steel Pole Bath Tub], and double duty from Freddy Votel [Cows, Skoal Kodiak, a million other bands]
and the SEAWHORES.

and besides that, there will be tables selling ZINES, POSTERS, BOOKS and whatever by a bunch of your favorite local arteests.
like i said; ALL AGES.
and CHEAP? how does SIX BUCKS SOUND?
good? yeah, well see the aforementioned mention of a "benefit" and what that means in this case is that that $6 you just spent gets you SIX BUCKS OFF OF ANY LA MANO BOOK OR POSTER (and aside from all that, the first hundred or so people in the door will almost certainly get some free thing from the La Mano archives, not sure what exactly yet, but...).

oh who am i kidding there is no La Mano publicist. you knew that.
if you are getting this it means you are either a) a friend of Sally or La Mano, b) someone i've talked to about this thing but haven't yet said hey dammit you want to come sell stuff at this thing (if so, email me and say so posthaste) c) a writer or dj or press person or most likely
d) some combination of those things.
this thing is just a couple weeks off (and this email should've gone out a month ago), so spread the word, come down, whatever.
you got questions?

ok all. see you down there.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


yup. i'm going to be on the Off The Record show on 770 Radio K tomorrow.
around 5, i guess. talking about my new record (Fear Of Song) which is out next wednesday and the La Mano benefit show that goes along with that release and maybe play some songs from the record.
but i don't think i'm going to play anything "live", because i haven't had time to, you know-- practice.