Monday, November 03, 2008

I VOTED OBAMA ALREADY (and i hope to hell you do too).

and it's not even voting day; i know 5 people read this blog, but damn it...even ASIDE from the fact that another 4 years (or four DAYS, for that matter...) of the Republican's general idea of "America" is a nightmare i can barely face (and i was in a state of shock and disbelief 4 years ago that never really wore off), even ASIDE from the fact that Obama could charm the paint off a wall if necessary, aside from the fact that the ENTIRE WORLD is waiting with held breath wondering if WE AMERICANS ARE GOING TO FUCK THIS UP, you know, AGAIN, and never mind that he's the best candidate to come down the pike in a while and has inspired some grass-roots-level stuff that i frankly (and cynically) thought America was completely incapable of.
never mind all that.
i pumped my fist in the air when i left the voting area.
i mean, on my best day i never thought that America would elect a black man; i thought that was something that would not happen in my lifetime. i thought that no matter how far we got, the redneck dumbshits (of any economic strata, thank you very much...) that keep this country eating dog food for dinner would always slither in and keep that from happening. i have some faith in people, but i suppose...i always just felt like-- no matter how i wished it were different-- that was the sad reality of things.
and by this time tomorrow, well...2 things could very well happen:
1) i will be proud to call myself an American for the first time in a very long while, and
2) on some level, another step will be taken towards my boy growing up in a slightly less divided and frightened world.

nothing's perfect. but.

come ON.

love, z.