Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fantagraphics Benefit Auction

for those of you not "in the know", comics-wise (i.e a nerd), everyone's favorite great comics publisher Fantagraphics Books is currently getting sued.
no, but really; sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison has a bone to pick and has filed suit, leaving Fantagraphics with some huge legal bills that are only going to get larger as this thing rolls on.
a bunch of artists (including art spiegelman, Jason, Tony Millionaire, and many more) are donating original art (which are being sold via ebay) to the cause, and i am one of them.
so go and get some great art, and do your 2 bits for Fantagraphics.
INDIE-ROCKERS TAKE NOTE: the piece(s) i donated is an illustration i did for David (ex-Pedro The Lion) Bazan's solo record "Fewer Moving Parts". i was selling the originals for this for $250 apiece, and starting bid here is a mere $100.
it looks like this:

hmm. well, actually, it DOESN'T look like that: the colors are reversed (it's supposed to be blue and white), but since i don't know how to work a computer, you'll have to just figure it out, or go to ebay, or whatever.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


in fact, i'm ALL ABOUT blogging. yeah, i KNOW it seems like i only update this thing when...well, something sad is happening or what have you, but no longer.
no, now i'm gonna post blogs all the live long day, just like all the rest of you freaks. in fact, in MY world, "blogger" is gonna be the new descriptive "cool, bad-assed" word, taking the place of a tired, mean old word, like..."bitch".
"bitch", that's not a nice word, at all; what would your mother say if she heard you talking like that?
so, you know, i'm switching up: "blogger" for "bitch". try it, it WORKS:
"What's UP, BLOGGER?!?", or call someone a "SON of a BLOGGER!!", and see if it doesn't get you a smack in the piehole. or, if you're currently incarcerated,, actually, forget it.
forget it, and look.

look at BRAIN BOY.

more later.