Sunday, November 05, 2006

Anders Nilsen at MCAD

Anders Nilsen is a great cartoonist and a real nice fellow: he's been garnering tons of well-deserved acclaim for his work both in his ongoing comic series Big Questions (from D&Q), a couple books (Monologues for the Coming Plague, Don't Go Where I Can't Follow), and elsewhere (MOME, Kramer's Ergot, etc etc...his work has been appearing in so many places recently that i can't keep track...).
Anders will be giving a talk here in Minneapolis at the Minnepolis College of Art and Design on monday nov 6 (...i think at 6pm or so...), following a Zine Fest, which will feature a lot of MCAD students (including La Mano intern Ed Moorman) hawking zines, of all things. starts at noon. head on down, people.
if you don't live here, forget it.