Friday, May 20, 2011


well hell yes.
Sammy vol 1 is fully funded (actually about a week ago now...), and there's still 9 days left.
i'm excited and thankful as hell to everyone who contributed, spread the word, etc etc.

speaking of thankful though, here's something i meant to write about at the outset of the Kickstarter campaign, and want to go on record and make very clear.
this whole Sammy Vol 1/ Kickstarter thing is in NO WAY due to a dissatisfaction with my "previous" publisher, Fantagraphics. i still think they they are the proverbial shit, and am honored to be part of/ published by them. always have been, always will be.
and no, i'm not trying to hedge my bets, either.
it's like this: i've GOT a publishing company, and a PRINTING PRESS. we were discussing a format change and reboot of Sammy in any case. i learned of Kickstarter and thought "well, at some point i should try printing/ putting one of these out myself", and this seemed like the time and place to do it.
i even checked it out with them to make sure i wasn't being a total prick.

as awesome as this whole Kickstarter thing is (and make no mistake, it is EXTREMELY awesome), the time i spend printing/ sending out distroing etc Sammy vol. 1 is time well spent.
but. it's not time spent DRAWING Sammy, you know? and i've got to keep drawing the thing.
that's a hard balancing act, and we'll see where i end up.
but, whether or not future volumes come out from La Mano or Fanta, the fact remains: Fantagraphics has always been totally solid with me, and they remain the best publisher of comics that i know of on this continent.
god bless 'em.
more soon.


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