Monday, February 28, 2011


so, i'm finally on facebook for real, but not sure all fits together, you see. like if it goes up on facebook do you still blog that shit? yes? no? do i set up a La Mano "group" or a "business" or, uh....
aw who cares.

local heroine/ one half of minneapolis' fantastic MIX event (2 days this year, start getting ready now...) and writer for the Daily Crosshatch stopped by the studio and took some pictures.
and (without me realizing it) a movie of me and the press.

look real close and you can see evidence of the fact that i somehow made it through an entire evening, fancy dinner and all, never once realizing that i was wearing 2 different boots (Tom K later said "...we thought it was some fashion thing" to which i responded "who in their right mind would purposely leave the house LOOKING LIKE A TOTAL IDIOT?!?!").

more soon. lots going on.


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